Crime Analysis

Photo of multiple computer monitors with crime data

According to the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), crime analysis is defined as follows:

A profession and process in which a set of quantitative and qualitative techniques are used to analyze data valuable to police agencies and their communities. It includes the analysis of crime and criminals, crime victims, disorder, quality of life issues, traffic issues, and internal police operations, and its results support criminal investigation and prosecution, patrol activities, crime prevention and reduction strategies, problem-solving, and the evaluation of police efforts.

The Parker Police Department employs one full-time Crime Analyst who executes these aforementioned duties for the department and the Town of Parker.  The Crime Analyst operates as a member of the Colorado Crime Analysis Association, International Association of Crime Analysts, Colorado Organized Retail Crime Alliance, Rocky Mountain Information Network, American Society of Criminology, and liaison to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers and the Colorado Information Analysis Center.  These connections enable the Crime Analyst to be constantly engaged in sharing and collecting information from agencies across the metro area, state, and country to understand developing crime trends in the area, identify key criminal suspects, and collect crime intelligence.  The Crime Analyst serves as an advisor to the Chief of Police, command staff, detectives, patrol officers, and community services.