Crime Scene Unit

The Parker Police Crime Scene Unit conducts crime scene investigations for the Parker Police and Lone Tree Police Departments. Through the IGA with the City of Lone Tree, shared funding is provided for the Crime Scene Investigator, the Evidence Technician, and the Property Technician.

Only a fraction of crimes elicits a response by crime scene investigators. CSI work side-by-side the Investigations Division to assist Detectives as needed. Additionally, Parker CSIs are members of the 18th Judicial Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). This elite, unbiased, fact finding, professional team is activated for Officer Involved Shootings, Shootings by Police Officer and other fatal incidents that occur within Douglas, Arapahoe, Lincoln and Elbert Counties.

Depending on the crime, the crime scene investigators job scope, activities and duties may vary significantly. Some crime scene investigations call for standard physical evidence collection and preservation duties. Conversely, high profile crimes call for advanced CSI responders who perform specialized tasks, such as bloodstain pattern analysis and shooting incident reconstruction. In general, CSI’s are responsible for the following:

  • Working cohesively with law enforcement personnel to secure crime scenes
  • Processing crime scenes for evidence
    • Identifying,photographing,collecting,packaging,andlabelingevidence
  • Preventing contamination of evidence
  • Maintaining chain of custody
  • Analyzing evidence using the scientific method and scientific equipment
  • Documenting autopsies (photo and video)
  • Typing detailed reports, maintaining logs and other records data
  • Testifying in courts of law, often as an Expert Witness
  • Handling and transporting physical evidence to local forensic laboratories

CSIs receive extensive training and are certified crime scene investigators through the International Association for Identification.