Evidence Section

Evidence Section

The Evidence Section is a high liability area; this unit is responsible for the receipt, booking, storage and disposition of all items received. To date, the Evidence Section houses approximately 60,000 items. Personnel is entrusted to ensure proper storage of items and ensure proper packaging to preserve and prevent contamination as well as maintain safety for all who handle the items. Furthermore, personnel is responsible for the proper disposition of property and evidence by tracking cases and their statute of limitations so that items may be purged efficiently. Disposition of items requires extensive research. Evidence Section staff secure and maintain a proper chain of custody for property and evidence submitted. Evidence Section staff receive extensive training and certification through the International Association for Property and Evidence.

Property and Evidence Accreditation

The Property and Evidence Section achieved accreditation through the International Association for Property and Evidence (IAPE) in March of 2014. In 2021, PPD became the first law enforcement agency in North America to have a property and evidence room accredited three times by the IAPE. The IAPE accreditation is a review of the section’s standards, documentation procedures, and actions as they relate to the industry’s best practices and professional standards. The Parker Police Evidence Section serves as an exemplary department according to the IAPE.

Property and Evidence Release

Items collected for the purpose of evidence requires a written release to be returned to the owner. This release must come from the District Attorney’s office and Parker Police Department officers and/or detectives assigned to the case. Owners may contact the case commissioned officer or DA’s office directly in order to begin the approval process.

Items collected for the purpose of safekeeping or as found property may be released without commissioned officer’s approval. A reasonable attempt to contact the owner, when known, will be made by Evidence Section personnel. After attempting to contact the owner, the items are held for a minimum of 30 days; if not claimed, items are disposed of in accordance with departmental policy.

Contact the Evidence Section at 303.805.6779 or Email for assistance with obtaining your property and/or evidence.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.