Traffic Enforcement

Traffic safety remains a top priority for the Parker Police Department. To address traffic concerns, the Police Department operates a two-man traffic unit whose responsibility is to enforce traffic laws and investigate any traffic-related issues within the Town. To assist the traffic unit in their responsibilities, officers use lasers and radars, as well as a speed trailer that helps monitor the speed of motorists.


It is the mission of the Parker Police Department Traffic Unit to provide safe and efficient travel on public roadways for citizens and visitors of the Town of Parker. Through enforcement of traffic laws, crash investigations, an all crimes approach to criminal interdiction, continuous evaluation of roadway and traffic conditions and teamwork, the Parker Police Department Traffic Unit strives to provide high level of quality service to the motoring public.


Along with enforcing traffic laws, the traffic unit is responsible for many different functions which include:

  • Accident investigations
  • Attending homeowner's association meetings to address traffic-related concerns
  • Commercial motor vehicle inspections
  • DUI enforcement and checkpoints
  • Identifying high accident areas, analyzing data, and applying problem solving techniques to resolve traffic problems.
  • Investigating incidents of road rage

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