Crime Statistics

The Parker Police Department utilizes several advanced software programs and a Crime Analyst to compile and review crime statistics for analyzing crime patterns and trends, adjusting police staffing levels, creating targeted policing strategies based on hyper-local crime issues, exploring unique problem-solving solutions, and anticipating crime when possible to create a proactive policing environment in the Town of Parker.  Crime statistics are available in monthly public crime reports (see tab located on left of this page), the department’s annual report, and upon request through the Records Department (fee required).

Crime Map

Residents can utilize the Community Crime Map from LexisNexis to see criminal incidents in their neighborhood and throughout the Town of Parker. The map is automatically updated several times a day from the police records database to provide near real-time updates on criminal incidents. Residents can also sign up for daily, weekly or monthly reports of crime in proximity to their home or business address.

*In accordance with the Victim Rights Amendment (VRA) [C.R.S. 24-4.1-302], crimes that involve juvenile or at-risk victims are either not displayed on the Community Crime Map or have had their locations randomly offset to protect the privacy of victims. Also excluded are crimes prior to January 2019 due to a transition to a new records management system. For more information, please contact the Parker Police Department Records Division.